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Master Clinician Training Program

About the Master Clinician Training Program

The Master Clinician Program has training sessions that are taught by senior Psychologists. The trainings are focused on practical, tangible skill building, and broadening the emerging clinician's scope of interest.


The purpose of each individual training is to increase an emerging therapist’s knowledge and equip them with applied techniques and strategies to be used in session.


The Master Clinician Program provides clinical professionals the opportunity to expand their competencies by learning effective techniques directly from practicing, expert psychologists. For agencies who hire novice therapists, the Master Clinician Program allows organizations to offer practical, streamlined training to accelerate a clinician’s client care capacity.


The program consists of two levels, each with eight 3.5-hour courses each. Individual certificates are given for each course as completed. However, a full certification indicating completing of the Master Clinician Level 1 or Level 2 is offered at the completion of the eight courses.


During each series participants learn from lecture, participate in activities, and complete a short multiple-choice quiz to demonstrate their knowledge.


Series are offered synchronously, or asynchronously through Advantage Online.

Level 1 Training Courses
Couples Counselling Part 2
Couples Counselling Part 1
Private Professional Practice
Treating Trauma
Staying Sane: Preparing for the EPPP
Starting Strong: Applied Counselling Strategies Part 2
Starting Strong: Applied Counselling Strategies Part 1
Professional Paperwork and Treatment Plans
Level 2 Training Courses
Working With High Conflict Individuals
Personality Disorder
Conscious Therapy Part 2
Conscious Therapy Part 1
Navigating Parent, Child, & Teen Dynamics
Play Therapy
Court Issues
Working With Kids and Teens


Purple Background

“I learned about numerous practical tools and techniques that I've used with clients such as the Step-On-It technique, Recalculate Route, Paced Breathing, and the Trauma container was also insightful."

Purple Background

"My overall takeaway is the significance of how trauma is individualized and should be treated as a psychological injury. I loved this training!!!!"

Purple Background

“Although I have been gaining experience being 4 months in, I found this session had many practical easy applied counselling techniques to use in session.”

Purple Background

“For me, the bigger take away was the mindset shift that comes when working with someone who has experienced trauma , especially in terms of safety.”

Purple Background

“My greatest takeaway from this training is helping show clients that their challenges are not all in their heads. Brain images actually showcase what clients may be deficient in and/or overactive of. These images validate clients' experiences of their struggles. ”

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