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Formal Clinical Assessment Certificate 

About the Formal Clinical Assessment Certificate

The field of psychometric assessment is complex and constantly evolving. Assessment specialists are expected to provide services that are both ethical and competent while maintaining objectivity, a lack of bias, accuracy and honesty, and straightforwardness and openness with the client (CPA, 2017). Despite the integral role of assessment in Mental Health care, many professions, including Psychology, only require students to take one basic course in general assessment. Some clinicians do not receive any assessment training at all!


Currently, there are few options for training emerging professionals or practicing Psychologists in standard and advanced psychometric assessment. This leaves Psychologists at a disadvantage when it comes to ensuring that they are appropriately trained and competent for this area of specialization.


Clinic-level delivery offers a practical, streamlined training approach for clinics to assist practitioners in developing competency in psychological assessment. This benefits not only those practicing individuals but also clinics as a whole, many more of which could then offer clients formal assessment services given the increase in skilled personnel. 



Assessment Structure
Part I: Foundations
Part II: Operations Test Design and Development
Part III: Testing Applications
Part IV: Preparing for Test Administration
Part V: Text Administration Excellence
Part VI: Clinical Interview Excellence
Part VII: Ethical Diagnosis
Part VIII: Report Writing Excellence
Part IX: Debriefing

The Clinical Advantage Assessment Specialist program has been developed and is facilitated by Senior Registered Psychologists. All Instructors have been recognized by the Court of King's Bench and the Provincial Courts as Expert Witnesses, qualified to provide expert testimony in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Assessment.

Student Paper Writing


Start developing competency in psychological assessment today with our Formal Clinical Assessment Program!

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