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Advanced Supervisor Certificate

About the Advanced Supervisor Certificate

Qualified supervisors are critical members of our profession. In addition to facilitating the emerging professionals ability to deliver strong clinical intervention, a supervisor sets the tone by modelling and requiring best practice in the necessary administrative practice, professional presentation and personal self care. Being a competent, or even a gifted therapist does NOT automatically guarantee that they have a skill set to be an excellent supervisor. Effective supervision is the complex job of supporting an emerging therapist to develop clinical skill sets and capacity for ethical reflection, to the point where they are capable of independent practice. Supervision excellence requires talent and a strong capacity for both teaching and training. 


The Advanced Supervisor Certificate Program is designed to support talented leaders who demonstrate professional excellence and are ready to develop their skills to support emerging professionals.


What to Expect

Conceptualizing Advanced Supervision
Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision
Review key models for supervision
Consider ethical and legal issues in supervision
Learn the CA supervision framework
Review rules and requirements of supervision
Review personal life balance and competency profiles
Explore relevant common supervision issues
Dynamic Processes in Supervision
Relational Roles in Supervision
Understand and expand key elements of supervision
Refine practitioner and professional supervisor skills
Develop skills to balance mentorship - client needs
Navigate counterproductive supervision dynamics
Develop skills to manage supervisee bias
Identify inherent supervisor-supervisee roles
Explore culture-infused supervisor/supervisee roles
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Start enhancing your skills in mentoring and guiding emerging professionals today with our Advanced Supervisor Certificate Program!

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