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Mackenzie Heal,

Administrative Lead


Mackenzie has a long-standing passion for psychology and the science behind it. When an administrative job came up at a psychology services agency, she had to apply! 

In her free time, you will likely find Mackenzie spending questionable amounts of time and money working on a project that she could easily find in a store or online. She adds, “If I can make it myself, why wouldn’t I?!” Mackenzie says she loves to channel her inner grandma with sewing and crocheting and has come to realize that anything is possible if they sell the materials at Michael’s.


Mackenzie has a younger sister whom she adores except when her sister is taking her clothes. She has no children yet, but says her mini Aussie pup, Josie, is about as close to a child as a dog can get. Mackenzie loves snuggling on the couch with her dog while watching horror movies and walking in the park or even at Michael’s (they allow dogs!).

Mackenzie’s personal motto is “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” She says “Perspective is everything,” and adds, “if we let the things that don’t or won’t matter take up too much space, we will have less time and energy to focus on the things that really count.”

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