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Chantel Wagner,

Clinical Associate - Master Clinician & Assessment 


Chantel will soon graduate from University of Lethbridge with a Master of Counselling, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (major in psych, minor in sociology) from University of Alberta,  and a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Assessment from Concordia University of Edmonton. Chantel is a student mental health therapist and has worked with Kells for over 5 years as a supervisor in psychological assessment.

Whatever the issues may be, Chantel believes that counselling is a way that people can learn skills, figure out how to use the skills that they already have, and get the training that they need. It is Chantel’s hope that she can help clients to discover their skills and whatever specific training they may need. Chantel believes that this is the way people can manage the hard tasks life throws their way.

Chantel believes life is much like a job. She says, “there are learning moments. There are growing moments. And there are moments when we experience success or challenges. Most importantly, every job has tasks. Some job tasks we master quickly. We have all the skills that we need to do the task and to do it well. But then sometimes, we get thrown a new task that is hard to master. Maybe we do not have the skills that we need. Maybe we have the skills, but we just don’t know how to use them. Or maybe we need training, but it turns out that the people around us don’t really have the skills either.”

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